Door Idea Gallery

There are already many really nice door catalogues and web-sites on-line showing plenty of door models, from the classics to some truly creative works of art. And by all means, to find links to some of those sites, please visit our "Products We Install" page.

Rarely however, will you find such a collection of doors showing models in the context of their use within the framework of an architect’s and/or property owner’s peripheral settings & dressings. All the doors in this collection are “in use” in the real world. Some we installed. Some we tuned-up or repaired. Some of them simply caught my eye as I have traveled around these past several decades meeting with client’s to discuss their projects.

I don’t care what your experience, exposure or expertise…I can still pretty much guarantee that you will easily find a door model variation or two or three that you have never seen or maybe even imagined before. And yes, there will be several gaudy or ugly ones, but that can be fun too.

If you have an appreciation for such things, and/or if you’re looking for ideas for designing
a custom door with your personal imprint, or want ideas about how to dress up the
surroundings of your front entry way, you’ll likely find some inspiration herein.